Our Team

Repcor’s biggest asset is our people. As we have grown, we have never shied away from adding quality people to our company while always thinking about the future. We have invested in people with experience as well as newbies to secure successful learning curves and smooth succession within the company. Today we pride ourselves in building a strong and cohesive team, which offers outstanding market knowledge, strong industry-wide relationships, complete market coverage and excellent customer service.

Dean Cummings 916.425.4258
Dave Johnson 916.698.1077
Jim Good 775.720.3303
Yana Haralanova 617.820.3126

Tom Murtaugh 925.413.5537
Garth Witzel 559.352.1266
Alex Garcia 510.967.2848
Scott Johnson 916.698.0147
Scott Carrington 916.765.4569
Mark Freed 209.613.8598
Malcolm Higa 808.384.0770

Key Accounts & Specialists

Grant Sidey 415.939.2721
Charles Stillman 916.410.1746
Eric Rogers 916.798.2907
Clint Colburn 916.622.5272
Bob Marshall 775.722.5759
Dave Cummings 925.899.8001

Susan Cummings 916.386.2233 ext.301
Tim Kadlecek 916.386.2233 ext. 304
Rex Richardson 916.386.2233 ext. 305
Capi Rhyne 916.386.2233 ext.303
Robert Stillman 916.386.2233 ext.303
Yvonne DeBone 916.386.2233 ext.351
Marquis Barbour 916.386.2233 ext. 352
Alex Enriquez 916.386.2233 ext. 313
Danielle Good 916.386.2233 ext.308
Dom Simeone 916.386.2233 ext. 313

Jaime Good 775.315.1794
Yana Haralanova 617.820.3126
Eileen Khayali 415.726.4078
Katie Marquez 916.295.9194
Julie Waters 707.746.5939

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