TACO After Dark: West Coast Special Edition

The popular Taco After Dark online training program is expanding its reach, adding a pilot program for plumbing and heating professionals in the Mountain and Pacific time zones.

The new program, called Taco After Dark – West Coast Edition, is a three-part series covering three essential topics designed to give industry professionals information they can use right away. These fast-paced, fact-filled programs will give contractors and wholesalers straight talk on how to properly size and select boiler and system circulators, the importance of proper sizing and the dangers of oversizing, the truth about ECM circulators and what they really do (and, more importantly, don’t do), and the importance of getting domestic hot water recirculation sizing right.

With Taco After Dark – West Coast Edition, you will get real world solutions to real world problems. What you won’t get is a fluff-filled, sales pitch. The stuff you learn at night you can put to use the very next morning, regardless of your product of choice.

Taco After Dark – West Coast Edition is free for industry professionals and is scheduled for the convenience of the working tradesperson. These live, interactive programs run for one hour, and will start at 7:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Pacific. Find date details and event registration on the Events page.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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